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We know that you have lots of options when it comes to getting your dog trained, but there are few places that provide an all-around experience like you will get here. We are a full service training, breeding, boarding & grooming facility located in beautiful Central Oregon and specializing in behavior, obedience & Schutzhund/IPO. Please visit our training page for more information.

We breed working line German Shepherds that are Titled, Hip/Elbow Certified and Temperament tested. We have spent many years researching bloodlines and observing temperaments to bring you dogs of superior quality. Please visit our breeding page for more information.

Our dogs are exposed to everyday farm life including but not limited to; chickens, horses, goats and a stable pack of dogs to help with socialization. These surroundings help dogs to become well balanced and confident in their everyday lives. It teaches them life skills that an ordinary training environment cannot match…

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Our Happy Clients

Would highly recommend one of Shelbys dogs. Cash is a male from Costa-Boy litter 2011. He is amazing. Loving, smart, funny, and also gorgeous with tons of drive and very level headed. I am so happy with him and have always loved that I can contact Shelby at any time for advice or just to let her know how he is doing. Her committment to her dogs and placing her pups in the best homes possible for them and that she will be there for you there entire life is something very special.
Cathy Edmonds, Traverse City, MI
Great dogs. We would highly recommend her as a breeder as we really like the direction she is taking with her dogs and she puts a tremendous effort into the raising of her puppies and matching them to prospective families. You will not regret it if you chose Neumond Shepherds for your next puppy!
Lorina Luhoff, Alberta, Canada
Very Happy With our Shepherd we have had here since Nov. of 2010 and she is the perfect dog! I felt very comfortable throughout the whole process. They really care about WHO gets the dog not just selling the dog. Very Good Experience.
Mike Polki, Eshpeming, MI
I have owned German Shepherds for 59 years. I have had working and companion dogs. I have trained my dogs in Schutzhund, tracking, and obedience. I was looking for a dog to be a companion to my 11 year old male  German Shepherd after I had to put my  female down, and to be a Therapy dog as I work with the Intellectually Disabled .  I called several breeders in Salem Oregon and was not very impressed, even when I said I have owned Shepherds all my life, I was spoken to as if I knew nothing of the breed. When asked if the parents were OFA, some said no or did not know what it was. No one was temperament testing, and one breeder would not even let you see the litter, you told her what you wanted in your dog and she would pick out the puppy. I called Shelby from her website. Shelby could answer all my questions, and I liked what she had to say. I told Shelby that I wanted a Therapy dog and was told that her dogs would be good at this type of work. I picked a breeding that was going to be born in May 2015. I was kept informed on how the pregnancy was going and received pictures of my puppy right after birth. I picked up my puppy on July 6th at eight weeks old.  I took Hedone to the Vet on July 7th and then to my work site. This dog has a wonderful temperament, and an incredibly sound nervous system. At 8 weeks he did not shy away from manual or electric wheelchairs, or any of the 10 clients that were there. Some were loud, some walked oddly, and some with decreased motor did pet  a bit harder than others. Hedone took it all in stride and still loves going to work with me. Hedone has never shied away from anything, at 9 weeks old I stared my lawnmower, weedeater, chainsaw, and leaf blower right beside him and he never showed any fear, he just sat or laid there watching me. Hedone is also very smart and easy to train. You only need to show him what you want him to do a couple times and he has it down. I can not say enough about the amazing dogs that come from Neumond Shepherds. Any time I have had questions on training, Shelby was right there to help me through it. If you want a beautiful, sound nervous system, intelligent dog, it would be from Shelby Anderson at Neumond Shepherds. Patricia A. Harris.
Pat Harris