Educational Links

For detailed explanations regarding hip ratings and letters following a dog’s name please visit our FAQ page:

German Training Commands

Translation and proper way to say each German command commonly used to train dogs.

Common Notation/Abreiviations on Czech German Shepherd Pedigrees
Explains what differant abbreiviations and notations on a Czech/DDR dog’s pedigree mean.

American Kennel Club’s Obedience Information
Helpful information on getting started in the sport of Obedience.

Pedigree Database
A great site for researching pedigree’s and a messageboard with very knowledgeable people to answer questions you may have regarding your shepherd.

Working Dog Titles
Titles and the sport of Schutzhund explained.

Recommended Kennels

Tulamar Kennels
Absolutely the BEST boarding/grooming kennel in the Grand Traverse Michigan area. Owned by my wonderful friend Heather Norconk. If you need your dog boarded or groomed call here first.

Leerburg Kennel
Wonderful website full of useful pedigree information and famous sires list. As well as a ton of helpful training tips and DVD’s.

Guthrie International
Purchased my first shepherd from here, could not have been happier.

Bill Kulla Dog Training
Owner of Kway vom Posthorn and Boy vom Zorra, Bill has trained/titled some of the countries top Schutzund dogs.

Fascinating Scent
Trainer and AKC judge Susan Eldred. I highly recommend her methods for training your tracking dog.

GSD Clubs & Associations

American Kennel Club

United Schutzhund Club of America

Great website, with pedigrees and titles of working GSDs


Elite K9


Hallmark K9

Ray Allen