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Behavior Issues

If you are looking to have a better behaved and easier to live with companion, look no further. Here your dog will learn everything he needs to know to become a calm and balanced member of your household. Our system of training for the all-around balance of the dog help to improve their overall mindset and temperament. We strive to teach dogs how to engage in everyday life in a calm and social manner. Your dog will not only learn the basic obedience needed for an easier everyday life for you but also how to interact properly with other dogs and animals.

  • Loose Leash Walking
  • Manners (no jumping, no mouthing, ect)
  • Place command (go to & stay at a designated place in the house)
  • Socialization with other dogs
  • Environmental Exposure (trips to parks, town, stores, ect)

dog trainer, German shepherd, Oregon, training, service dog, trainer, puppies, iPo, schutzhund, akc, breeder, litters, obedience, competition

Obedience Training

If your goals are higher and you’d like your dog to further their education we can help. Advanced obedience includes but is not limited to learning advanced concepts of obedience. Such as;

  • Correct sits and downs
  • Fast recalls and finishes
  • Jumps
  • Retrieves
  • Off leash heeling

All of these concepts combine to create a focused and highly obedient dog. Whether your goal is to have a highly trained companion or to compete in the AKC Obedience ring we can help achieve your goals.

Sport & Working

Schutzhund is a German dog sport which was originally created to test the German Shepherds all around ability as both a loyal companion and a fierce protector. Over the years it has evolved into a sport enjoyed by many. It includes three phases of training; Tracking is where the dog must follow a determined length of footsteps laid previosly. Small articles are laid on the track that the dog must indicate or acknowledge. Obedience is a pattern including heeling on and off leash, recalls and dumbbell retrieves. Protection includes a search for the helper or bad guy, a bark and hold and a stopped escape by the helper.

If you and your dog are interested in the fun and competitive sport please contact so we can discuss training plans and goals. We can then evaluate your dog to see if he is suited for the sport.

We also offer training for tracking and personal protection. Please contact us for prices and to set up a free evaluation for your dog.

I believe that dogs learn by repetition. Plain and simple that means that the more something is repeated the more it is ingrained into them. Whether these are good habits or bad, the more a dog repeats something the more it becomes habit and routine in their life. We take this philosophy and use it to reinforce good behavior and good choices for the dog. We set the dog up for success in his training by making the right things easy and the wrong things hard for them. An age old training method that has been used long before the age of positive training and clickers became fashionable.
I use clickers and reward based training. Although, I believe everything in life has a balance and I believe that an animal cannot learn and grow without some correction in their life. I like to use what I like to call “redirection”. By redirecting bad or inappropriate behavior we can avoid fighting with an animal by showing it that there is something else worth giving its attention to. That good behavior and correct choices receive a reward. Which in turn builds a trust between the handler and the dog. Which is paramount in dog training. Without a bond and without trust a dog will not want to work for you. A dog that does not want to work with you or for you, will never be a happy companion or competitor.
Puppy Socialization & Environmental Training
$750 – A 4 week minimum program designed to help socialize young dogs at that crucial age between 4 months and a year. Dogs not socialized and exposes to environmental elements at this age will suffer from long term setbacks.
Puppy Foundation Training
$1000 – A four week board and train program, focusing on the foundation skills of all obedience, socialization and protection sports.
Private Lessons and Packages
5 week lesson packages $180 / $45 Per Single Lesson
Full Board and Train Program
2 weeks: $500 – 4 weeks: $1,000 – 6 weeks: $1400
A complete and intensive training program that concentrates on behavior and social issues that are often hard for an owner to overcome by themselves. This program can be a 2 week, 4 week or 6 week program.
Training Pass
An all inclusive training pass that includes ALL classes you want to take and a private lesson a week.
$200 a month

Why Choose Neumond K9

  • Shelby has over 15 years experience training dogs.
  • Numerous titles achieved in IPO and AKC.
  • A diverse background of training experience.
  • Positive, balanced training methods.
  • A successful track record of happy dogs and clients.

Our Happy Clients & Dogs